Stuff off the cuff

Our New Year’s Eve ;)

If you wondered what I would like to receive this Christmas or on my birthday (the first step out of my mid twenties and into the near thirties, to be exact), here you are!

I always wanted to try and bake an upside down cake, but I’ve always been afraid to fail, to put a lot of effort in it, wait for it to bake, to cool and then, just after the turn, to watch it dissolve. But fortunately, my first attempt has been great! I now proudly present to you my spiced pear upside down ginger cake. With a LOT of ginger. And quite a lot of pear. 

Don’t you just love this guy?

A video from my train ride yesterday back home.

Philon got a new toy again, this time my mum was rather generous and bought him something to chase a ball with and this time ‘round the ball has no chance to get sucked into the hover. Hooray!

In my parents’ garden today. A lot of rain and just a little of sunshine, but the flowers don’t seem to mind the shitty weather we’re blessed with this summer.

I got my iPhone yesterday, not a new-new posh one, but the now affordable 3GS. Still, I love it and tested the camera with my favourite model. Behold: The cat.

A little video of Philon playing recently with a very ugly and disgusting toy. But he’s having fun ;)